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X-Men: First Class Russian trailer

XMenFirstClass.jpgI suspect all those who have been having a pop at Matthew Vaughn's X-Men film are starting to turn silent after seeing the first trailer and now this Russian trailer, for they are showing a great looking film with some strong mutant moments and it has the potential to set-up and explore the rivalry between some of the greatest and main mutants of all.

We've already been following the battle for some time, but how did the battle begin? Where did it all come from? We're about to see, and with some superb actors and effects at the same time, and with Vaughn and Jane Goldman on the script, it's got to be good hasn't it?

So quibbling over costumes aside, here's a new trailer for X-Men: First Class all the way from Russia that delivers a lot more action than the English language one we've seen before.

Obviously though, it's in Russian.

I wondered at the footage of Beast turning and it struck me, how does he become a mutant? For the scene here looks like he's really confused at what's happening to his foot and he's turning for the first time.

Come on, surely this can't turn out badly?



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