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30 Minutes or Less trailer

JessieEisenberg.jpgI'm not sure. Is Jessie Eisenberg playing the same character every time? Is this film going to be something more than the usual stuff from American comedy? Well both are answered to a degree in this trailer with the first being yes, and the second being no...for the most part.

30 Minutes or Less is a story that sees a small pizza delivery boy kidnapped, forced to wear an exploding vest, and then told if he doesn't rob a bank for the two masked men he'll be blown up.

Enlisting the assistance of his friend he goes to work to do just that, rob a bank, before the vest explodes. Here's the official blurb:

In the action-comedy 30 Minutes or Less, Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is a small town pizza delivery guy whose mundane life collides with the big plans of two wanna-be criminal masterminds (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). The volatile duo kidnaps Nick and forces him to rob a bank. With mere hours to pull off the impossible task, Nick enlists the help of his ex-best friend, Chet (Aziz Ansari). As the clock ticks, the two must deal with the police, hired assassins, flamethrowers, and their own tumultuous relationship.

It actually doesn't appear to be as bad as I first thought, and I'm rather surprised too. 30 Minutes or Less was written by Michael Diliberti who was a producer on Stop-Loss and assistant to Scott Rudin on a number of films. Ruben Fleischer directs the film and so you should be thinking back to Zombieland (Filmstalker review).

Jesse Eisenberg plays the lead, and from the trailer looks like he's playing a similar character to the one in Zombieland...or really most of the films he's been in to date. Still, it looks like it has somewhere to go, even if the trailer isn't the best sale.

Here's the trailer for 30 Minutes or Less:



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