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Abduction trailer shows teen Bourne

TaylorLautner.jpgAt first glance the trailer for Abduction, which everyone is overly excited about because it stars Taylor Lautner from bare-chested but never bare-bottomed Twilight fame, could well be described as a teen Bourne, and to be fair when you watch the whole trailer that's exactly what it is, but then there's a little more to it.

When you get through it there is a bit more to it and you'll end up finding yourself hooked in with the story, sure it's a teen Bourne, but it just might work.

I am scared though that this trend could catch on, take an existing idea and make a teen version of it, and before we know it every adult franchise is being reworked in this way. It's happened a few times before though, and it's something that happens in fiction of various types already, look at Alex Rider for an example.

Putting that, the excitement of Taylor Lautner, Twilight and the product placement to the side for the moment, the trailer does look exciting even if it is following a stock and well heeled path which we've seen from Bourne to Salt (Filmstalker review).

Here's the trailer for Abduction which comes from MTV through The Hollywood Reporter:



The co-stars make this appealing for me.

I'm not liking this movie already. The plot sounds exactly like a book that I've read called "Girl, Missing" by an English author and yet it's claimed to be an original screenplay. The only major difference I can find is the fact that the main character in the movie is a boy and the main character in the book is a girl.

This trailer leaves me with one question: "Does Taylor Lautner have the stuff of an action movie hero?"

Right now I would have to say no but time will tell I guess.

Wow, the trailer looks really amazing….also what a great cast, Alfred Molina and Sigourney Weaver?!?! This should be really good, can’t wait.

I hope the actual moving has as good of pacing as the trailer, it looks like a full throttle thriller. Also way awesome that they used “Kids” by Sleigh Bells at the end of the trailer…really gets me pumped for the movie!


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