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Black directing not writing Iron Man 3

ShaneBlack.jpgI'm disappointed by the news that Shane Black isn't set to write the script for Iron Man 3, after all he's an excellent writer and you just have to think of the Lethal Weapon film, their characters and relationship, and the excellent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Filmstalker review). The good news is that he's still set to direct the film.

The man who is set to write the script is the man who wrote the British television series No Heroics, yes I didn't see that either, which was about a group of daft superheroes who couldn't use their super powers while having a drink together in the pub.

Yeah, that sounds promising for Iron Man 3. Personally I would have thought the writing of Shane Black would have been ideal for Iron Man. He can really deliver some great dialogue and some very believable characters to the script and screen, and his dark humour is perfect for Tony Stark.

However it's not meant to be and Drew Pearce is set to write the script. I did see some adverts for the television series No Heroics and frankly it looked as though it was going to be the daft kind of humour, not the more cleverly scripted style you'd get from Black.

Of course writers can easily adapt for other styles, and perhaps that's what he's going to do. He's also recently written the script for Runaways, a Marvel film which is based on the Brian K. Vaughan comic about the children of super villains who get together and use their powers for good, without their parents knowing.

The Runaways sounds a good project and definitely something much weighter than No Heroics, but I wonder if Iron Man 3 just missed a great opportunity having Shane Black write and direct it?



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