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Branagh talks Thor

Thor.jpgI've not heard much from Kenneth Branagh about Thor as yet, but he's just been speaking about why he took the job of directing Thor and about the casting of the lead character.

As well as that we get a little glimpse of Chris Hemworth talking about the role, and some new footage, even if it does appear to be cut rather short.

I've always said Kenneth Branagh was a big surprise for the film, but listening to him there's always an air of knowledge and calmness about him and his projects, and that comes through for Thor as well.

Listening to him and Chris Hemsworth, as well as seeing a little more footage, is doing wonders for boosting my desire to see the film, I'm really hoping that he's pulled off something special with Thor and that not only has he brought to life a character that might have seemed too difficult to bring to film, but that he's brought him right to the top of the superhero genre.

It's unfortunate that I can't embed the video from the BBC site, but you can head over there and take a look for yourself.

I'm rather excited about it and I don't have a huge past with the character from the comics, I'm just really interested to see what Branagh and this big cast have delivered. Will this be one of the best superhero films to date?



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