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Kosinski talks Horizons and TRON 3

TronLegacy.jpgA little while ago we heard that Joseph Kosinski, the man who brought us TRON: Legacy (Filmstalker review), was working on a graphic novel adapted film called Oblivion which has now changed titles to Horizons. He was going to be making the film with Disney, however that's fallen through and he explains why that was considering that TRON: Legacy has done so well for them.

He also has a little teaser that we all want to hear, if there's going to be another TRON film, and what he has to say sounds promising indeed.

One of the problems with sequels are that they are made for the wrong reasons and rushed through without proper thought to the story, etc. Look we all know the problems with the sequel machine, as do Hollywood, but money earning is money earning.

However Joseph Kosinski sounds like he's not that way inclined, not with the projects he's working on anyway. Oblivion, now called Horizon, isn't being rushed and despite him owing a lot to Disney who was behind him all the way on the excellent TRON: Legacy, he's not pampering to them on the project, for they've passed on the film and he's off to other studios, no hard feelings.

Speaking through ScreenCave and The Playlist he says the reasons behind this are:

"It's just outside the box of something that Disney can make right now, which we always knew...But I wanted to give it a shot with them, and we tried hard to make it work, but ultimately it was a square peg, round hole type thing. We couldn't fit it inside the Disney box, and they didn't want me to change it to fit inside that box because then it wouldn't be the movie I wanted to make. So they were gracious enough to let me make it somewhere else."

Sounds fair enough, and from what we've heard about the plot it does sound that it could be dark and rather heavy compared to the usual Disney fare, even the edgier Disney fare. You have to commend Kosinski for not bowing to the studio either, after all they gave him this huge chance with TRON: Legacy so you could say he owes them a little, mind you he's repaid them with the highest grossing film for a director with his feature debut.

He's not struggling for interest though, for according to Deadline there are three big studios interested in the project, despite the expense it offers, and why would that be a problem for them looking at the return on investment that TRON: Legacy brought Disney?

What of the TRON universe then? There have been some teasers that have been taken from the DVD and Blu-ray and punted around as teasers for a third TRON, well not so fast guys, they are just additional extras on the DVD and Blu-ray, we've seen stuff like that before, however there is something in the works.

"We're currently working on a script for the next chapter...We want to have a script ready, we want to have the right story together, and we'll see after the TV's out, and the Blu-ray's out for a while, if we've built a bigger fanbase, at that point, if we can get the team back together to pitch the studio."

So there is a script for a third TRON film, but so far we have no idea where it's going to take us, or if it's going to get made, but that time frame sounds like it could be a long one. Time for the remake of The Black Hole with Disney then?



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