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Men in Black III filming

MeninBlackIII.jpgIt looks like the filming for Men in Black III is most definitely on again, or else recent photos released online and the following behind the scenes videos are all before the production seemed to stop suddenly.

Not only did Alec Baldwin leave the film, but there was word coming out that the script wasn't actually finished while they were filming. Now the latter was rumour, but still it did seem there were some issues and everything did seem to stall for a short while.

However, despite the lack of Alec Baldwin, and perhaps if it's true the script, it would seem that the film is moving forward, or at least the release of production material is going forward.

Now we see three behind the scenes videos for Men in Black III, and there are period cars, Will Smith driving a car up to a mark, stopping and getting out, and the first one sees Will Smith coming out to meet fans.

Really there's nothing here to excite anyone waiting for the film other than it does look like the production is moving forward, whether you want it to or not. Personally I'm not sold on the idea, but maybe it'll all work out in the end.

Here are the TrailerAddict videos:



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