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New X-Men: First Class International trailer

XMenFirstClass.jpgThere's a new trailer out for X-Men: First Class, and while it might not be completely new, it does provide for some new footage.

There's not much more of the different mutants that will star in the film, the new footage is all around some of the action sequences, and it looks great for it.

It's a good trailer that brings forward the core of the story, the relationship between the two main mutants before they were the characters we know today, and the appearance of the mutants to the humans, as well as some of the excellent action and effects pieces, more of that Blackbird SR-71 and the submarine raising from the sea.

I think when I heard that Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman were on the case for X-Men: First Class I was interested, and the idea of going back to this period and the costumes didn't phase me like it did some, and the trailers are just raising that feeling of interest and excitement.

This latest trailer for X-Men: First Class does just that once again, the film is looking great.



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