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Priest new trailer

Priest.jpgA new trailer for Priest changes the focus somewhat from the previous ones, less story orientated it concentrates far more on the scale of the vampire army and the creatures, plenty of effects shots and a fair amount of our gravelly voiced hero played by Paul Bettany.

It does look like it could be a lot of fun, and the fact it comes from Scott Stewart should be seen as a positive, throw in a few more names like Maggie Q, Karl Urban, Christopher Plummer, Brad Dourif, Stephen Moyer and Cam Gigandet, and Priest sounds rather fun.

The new trailer does put an action sequence right up front, introducing us to who the Priest really is and what he does, and then shows us some great effects shots of the vampire creatures, particularly the moment where they are born.

This trailer is all about the effects and the action, not so much about the story, but that's alright we've seen that story before. Here's the trailer from Yahoo Trailers through Coming Soon:

The story? Well we're in the future where mankind is living in walled cities and the outside world is a wasteland. Some people do live there, but it's a ravaged world after the many wars between the Priests and Vampires, with the Priests having won, almost.

However the niece of one of the Priests is kidnapped by vampires and the family killed, and he's angry. Discovering that the vampires are raising an army to fight the Priests once again and finding that the leader of the Priests doesn't believe him, he sets out on his own to save her. On the way he finds the help of a few others.

Sound good? It's in 3D I'm afraid, still, it looks okay from the trailer.



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