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Real Steel sequel already?

RealSteel.jpg...or is it just another way of gaining some marketing traction on the competition? I'm not entirely sure, and I'd be inclined to side on that of a Real Steel sequel actually beginning before the first film is out.

The film isn't being released in its first territory until October 7th, and that's a fair way away, but apparently internal screenings of what they have so far has made the studio decide that a sequel is the way to go.

Let's hope there's not a big cliff hanger then. Mind you, considering the story sees the sport of boxing removing humans and inserting huge robots into the ring, the sequel could actually go anywhere with any set of characters and doesn't have to be a natural continuation. Chances are though it will be.

Shawn Levy is directing Hugh Jackman, Kevin Durand, Evangeline Lilly, Hope Davis and Anthony Mackie, in the film that sees an ex-boxer having to come to terms with the new direction of the sport where robots have taken the place of the fighters and they slug it out in the ring with some phenomenal fighting and nobody getting hurt...well, no humans at least.

The ex-boxer amazingly finds a discarded robot that is a hell of a fighter, think a metal Rocky, no not Mickey, and on their journey of ups and downs to fight to the top the ex-boxer, played by Jackman, takes his thirteen year old son along for the ride so there's a good bonding story in there too.

Deadline has the story that Dreamworks have been carrying out internal screenings of the film that have been going down really well and with the CinemaCon presentation gaining a lot of praise they have already decided that a sequel is the way to go.

It's certainly early, but it promises a lot for the Real Steel sequel. Are we really going to see a sequel happening this early? Well I don't believe that the studio will throw too much at the sequel until the film really has been tested with audiences, and even then they'll have kill points when it gets released in various countries.

I would have said that right now they would be gearing up the production crew and getting technicalities sorted out, however it seems to be much further than that with the writer being asked to pen out a sequel.

John Gatins is that man, and there's no word whether he's just been hired to write an outline or the whole script, but this is a lot further than I expected that a sequel would have moved considering how far away we are from the first one being released. Surely this is a good sign?



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