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Rourke talks straight

MickeyRourke.jpgMickey Rourke does have a bit of a reputation for being a straight talker, but in this act of his career he's been very good and remained very professional.

Now and again though he does just say it like it is and while at a Scream 4 party he revealed a few truths about things he's recently said and films he's made. Including perhaps cleaning up a few out of context quotes.

To be fair he's just being honest, and why the hell shouldn't he be? After all maybe he doesn't want to fool audience members out of their hard earned money to go and see bad films? For that you have to respect the guy, and I do, it's refreshing to hear the truth from someone on the inside of Hollywood.

The Guardian has Mickey Rourke talking to New York Magazine and correcting an earlier comment he was quoted for when he said Megan Fox was...

"...the most talented..."

...actress in Hollywood, after working with her on Passion Play. Here he responds to a question about that comment and adds the caveat...

"...that I worked with."

So many quotes and comments are snippets of a sentence and so easy to take out of context and rebadged as something else, so even now I would be taking a pinch of salt with all of this. However he goes on to be rather honest about Passion Play, when asked about the film which also stars Bill Murray he reveals:

"Terrible. Another terrible movie. But, you know, in your career and all the movies you make, you're going to make dozens of terrible ones."

Ouch. The interviewer then mentions that it's getting a limited release, and if you hadn't been following so far, he reiterates:

"That's because it's not very good."

Okay, we're getting the picture now. The reason that he said "Another terrible movie" in that previous comment is that he was asked about the film he's doing with 50 Cent, I presume that was 13, and he says:

"A really bad movie, yeah...

...it's so bad it can't get out."

There's not much to the interview as Rourke is, as always, short and to the point, but he does say that he did the films for the money. I do like that refreshingly honest approach, although he's likely to get some comeback for his comments I would suspect. Saying that, to be fair he's really onside with the good films he's been a part of.

Still, there's the chance that we're missing some context here, and Mickey Rourke could have been having a bit of a joke with us all, just not a very good one from the point of view of the film-makers of Passion Play and perhaps 13.



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