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Schwarzenegger is returning to action

ArnoldSchwarzenegger.jpgThank the heavens, Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t just becoming a comic character in the rather silly Governator, which is something I was starting to worry about despite all the talk of him reading scripts galore.

The rumours have begun and there are apparently two projects that he’s likely to do next, and both of them are live action thrillers with a healthy dose of action. Yes, Arnie is coming back for real.

The two projects are pretty high profile as well, and neither are the sequels or remakes that have been touted.

The first would see Arnold Schwarzenegger replacing Liam Neeson on Last Stand, written by Andrew Knauer and, as The Hollywood Reporter state in their article, Jeffrey Nachmanoff and directed by Jee-woon Kim, already an interesting sounding project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s sources the negotiations are well ahead with Arnie and Lionsgate, although they do suggest that if anything is going to fail then it would be the money issue, however if they were considering Liam Neeson for the role originally I don’t think it’ll be too much of a stretch for Arnie would it?

The film begins when a cartel leader breaks out of a courthouse and heads towards the Mexican border and in his way stands a small border town Sheriff and his inexperienced staff. Arnie would definitely be playing the Sheriff, mind you, wouldn’t he make a good bad guy?

Meanwhile Variety is reporting that he’s also looking at a film called The Tomb which would be directed by Antoine Fuqua which is a story about a security expert who is framed for a crime and ends up in a high security prison that he designed, obviously with inside knowledge of how to break out.

Two very exciting pieces of news, first he’s not just doing cartoon characters and is considering returning to his action roots, and secondly it doesn’t look like he’s going to be leaping onto projects that are just remakes and sequels to films from his past, that’s definitely a great piece of news, and with both projects carrying strong directors, I think we’re looking at a great return for the star.



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