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Superman: Man of Steel chooses villain

MichaelShannon.jpgFinally, we know, Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel has a villain and an actor to play the character, and both seem strong choices for the film, but what it does show pretty early on is that this isn't just going to be a new origin story that deals with Superman and his place on Earth, this is leaping ahead.

In fact if we look at the original Superman films this character wasn't introduced until the second so there's going to be a lot of ground covered in this new Superman film, or another way to look at it is that this film is going to rework the timeline we once knew for Superman, again.

Michael Shannon is the man who has been picked to play the villain of Superman: Man of Steel, and that villain is none other than General Zod.

You remember him don't you? "Kneel before..." and all that stuff? He was one of the three exiles from Krypton who were trapped in a dimensional prison floating through space which one day came crashing to Earth and released them, and there they discovered that they had the same powers as Superman and were soon creating havoc and threatening to take over the world? Sure you do, Superman II.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter and it seems that this is set in stone, or rather Kryptonite, and that's good news for Superman: Man of Steel for we're getting a traditional villain, one that really can fight Superman on his own terms, although Superman may have the upper hand if he has been on Earth longer and understands the powers it gives him more than Zod does.

There's not much word on what this actually brings to the film although Zack Snyder has said through the official release from Warner Bros. that:

"Zod is not only one of Superman's most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman that others don't."

He praises Michael Shannon for the role, saying that he can bring intelligence and malice to the character, something I think we'd all agree with. He is a great choice, although a little part of me would liked to have seen an English actor take the role up once again. No matter, Shannon is a great actor and here he's going to be able to give it a huge performance.

However the next question will be who is General Zod bringing with him, and what will be the big battle between him and Superman?

The casting is moving forward well with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane playing Clark Kent's parents, and Amy Adams as Lois Lane, add in the villain Zod from Shannon and we really are seeing a great list of names for Henry Cavill's performance as Clark Kent and Superman.

I can just imagine the day the trailer is released.



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