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The Beaver International trailer

TheBeaver.jpgA new trailer for The Beaver has arrived online, and while this one has a voiceover that doesn't quite seem to fit with the tone of the film, it does help explain the story much quicker for audiences who might be looking at it and thinking "beaver puppet?".

The trailer looks good and plays well, but I can't help feeling that it's told us the whole story.

The Beaver is the story of a man whose life is falling apart. He's separated from his wife and kids as well as his career, he's depressed and heading in a downwards negative spiral. To get him out of the rut and allow him to disassociate all the negative feelings he has towards himself and his life, he is prescribed a hand puppet which soon develops its own personality and is someone that his family and work colleagues must deal with.

Directed by Jodie Foster it stars Mel Gibson, Foster, Jennifer Lawrence, Anton Yelchin and the Beaver.

If you want to watch the new trailer for The Beaver you might get the same feeling I have, that you've seen how the film will play out, for some closing scenes of the trailer suggest that they are post-Beaver.

It may not be the case, but the problem is that's the understanding I'm getting from watching it and I wonder if that was intended or not, and either way why it was allowed through. Shouldn't the trailer be holding back?

Here's the new trailer for The Beaver:



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