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The Change-Up trailer brings everything I hate about American comedy

TheChangeUp.jpgLine them up and tick them off as the trailer for The Change-Up progresses - jokes about bodily functions, preferably visual, check, and actually check three times with one from the opening scene, indiscriminate swearing for no reason, check, jokes about sexual functions, ermmm...I lost count.

Okay there are some good things going for it, there's the cast with Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann, a couple of the jokes do work for me even if they are the template sexual function and throw in some swearing moments, overall though, it just doesn't hit it.

The opening shot of The Change-Up trailer says it all for me, although the joke about the briefs on the desk and the moment of realisation of the two characters did provide some amusement, but the constant referral to urination and defecation really just, well smells just as bad.

It's not that I'm a prude, far from it, and if you knew me you'd know how ridiculous that suggestion is, it's that I like a slice of intelligence with my comedy and these are the stalwarts of the ongoing production mill of comedy from Hollywood.

There's another issue I have with the film, in that it's the age old story of two people switching bodies. I really do hope that there's more to the film than this tired set-up and the run of sexual and bodily function jokes, and the way you can already guess it's going to play out.

Here's the trailer for The Change-Up which comes through The Hollywood Reporter. Oh, and the film is written by the writers of The Hangover, ah, I see:



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