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The Hobbit first production video arrives

TheHobbit.jpgThe first production video from The Hobbit has appeared online, and while I tend to think that these things are far too marketing based and uninteresting, this one has plenty of interest to be had and a fair amount of the actors we are going to see throughout the film.

It's a great first introduction to the production, and with Peter Jackson taking us on a tour through the design, costume, sets, the blocking, the opening ceremony and a few moments of filming, it's a wonderful moment for Hobbit fans.

There are some great moments here and this is far from the usual boring behind the scenes type stuff, we even get to hear from Ian McKellan, Andy Serkis, Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage, as well as Peter Jackson himself talking about the sets and showing us just how far they've come already.

It's the first of many production videos that will keep our excitement going through the filming and editing and up until the release which seems a very long way off yet, December 2012 for The Hobbit: Part I.

In the meantime, here's the production video for you Hobbit fans, it's well worth a look, especially as they all gather round that table or we hear some of the stars talk during the blessing ceremony. The video comes through Deadline:



This takes me back to the time when I sat through all the bonuses included in "The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Boxed set".

After I had watched my way through the countless hours of behind the scenes, documentaries and whatnot (admittedly not in one sitting) I almost started feeling like I was "part of it" somehow. Like how I knew all the anecdotes and misadventures the crew experienced through filming made me feel connected to the movie and to the crew, silly as it may sound. I guess I became attached, enamored even and not only to the top of the bill actors but the technical crew and production teams too.

With this video, it feels to me like a family reunion, only with a few missing members.

It does feel like that Vash, even without experiencing all those extras on the previous DVDs I do get that feeling just from these short videos.


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