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The Woman in Black teaser trailer online

TheWomaninBlack.jpgThis is the remake of The Woman in Black from director James Watkins and starring Daniel Radcliffe, Ciarán Hinds and Janet McTeer, and the teaser trailer gives us next to nothing, and I really mean that, other than a taste of the tone for the film.

I have to say the single scare is promising as it's not over the top and rather subtly done, and the tone is dark and period. Other than that there's not much that this teaser does other than tell you Harry Potter has moved on.

The Woman in Black is the remake of the original BBC television film made in 1989 which was recognised as a pretty scary and creepy film in itself, and with the remake carrying a couple of big names it's certainly in the position to get more recognition. The question is will it be as good?

Jane Goldman wrote the script for the film, and you'll know her has Matthew Vaughn's writing partner, and the director James Watkins wrote My Little Eye, Gone, Eden Lake and The Descent: Part 2, and he directed Eden Lake. I'm hoping coupled with Goldman's writing we'll come out with a pretty classic creepy horror film.

So far the teaser is pointing in the right direction, but then it's not much of a point yet. Here is the teaser for The Woman in Black remake through IGN, check out the ex-magician:

Well that moment is put together quite well, but there's really nothing else to it. We'll have to wait for a trailer with more substance to it before starting to guess what the film will be like.



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