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Trailer for the Governator, a 3D film to follow?

Schwarzenegger-Pen.jpgI struggle with the whole concept, and seeing the trailer for the cartoon series that Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to launch into isn't full of hope, it's a standard cartoon filled with borrowed set-ups and moments, nothing original at all apart from the fact that it stars Arnie himself.

Why am I featuring it here? Well for me it's hugely disappointing that he's not returning to feature films, and the latest news is that the Governator could well be heading towards a 3D feature film.

However, it won't be live action I'm afraid, that was perhaps the smallest glimmer of hope in all of this.

The trailer for the Governator cartoon, which I'm sure you all know is where the ex-politician builds an underground lair and tons of hi-tech gadgetry to help him defeat robot armies that seem to be plaguing his old Governorship, is below and it really isn't that exciting but well worth a look if you were waiting the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

MTV provided the link to the trailer which is below:

Meanwhile Deadline have the story that perhaps the animated series isn't the end of it. This isn't going to just be a cartoon but also a comic book, hitting the Internet in some form, and also there are plans for a 3D film in 2013.

Well good luck to him, and perhaps the film may up the quality of this idea somewhat, but right now it just seems like another framework in which to fit the same format and ideas as most other superhero series. It doesn't feel like something the old Arnold Schwarzenegger from the films we know and love would really be doing.

I say give Tom Arnold what he wants and hit True Lies 2, get a bigger role in The Expendables II, try something along the lines of The End of Days again, there are plenty things to be done in there that could be new, fresh, and don't rely on gaining that frame that once made him famous.



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