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World War Z still getting made?

WorldWarZ.jpgJust a few months ago the story was that World War Z was looking too expensive for the studios and it might not get made. That concerned me because apart from the obvious reason, the film shouldn't be such a high cost unless they were filming huge zombie sequences that were, in the novel, recounted by the interviewees rather than being witnessed first or second hand by the reader.

Now though we're hearing about further casting news, which must mean the production is still moving forward.

The latest news is that Mireille Enos has joined the cast to play the wife of Brad Pitt's character who is a U.N. worker in the story.

The Hollywood Reporter carries the news of World War Z and mentions nothing of any budget or production problems, instead reiterating the key people behind the film and that it is scheduled to being filming in June in various locations around the world.

So we would have to assume that the production is still on, and either the budget has been reduced or the money found.

It still leaves me with a little bit of a worried feeling though, with such a big budget and the news of Matthew Michael Carnahan coming on board to do re-writes of J. Michael Straczynski's script, I think we're seeing shift towards the action and away from the interviews.

You can read the original article which talks more about the comments from Straczynski and what makes me think that the story has shifted from the novel point of view, which Straczynski seemed to be creating, to the more action based first person point of view.

I'm glad it is happening, and I do understand that they couldn't just make the film about the interviews without touching on something from the actual events, but I just hope they haven't gone too far and made this an action/adventure/disaster/invasion film, choosing whatever combination you want from that list. It's not about seeing the action of the zombie battles, but more about the eye witnesses recounting it and the point of view of the story from the future, post the worldwide outbreak and the fight back.



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