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X-Men: First Class new International trailer

XMenFirstClass.jpgA new international trailer has arrived for X-Men: First Class, and while you might not understand the captions and subtitles shown it's all still in English and features a new impressive cut and some great new footage.

This is a powerful and dramatic trailer and really puts the film in a different light to the rest. While there's still action and plenty from the X-Men this is putting Xavier, James McAvoy, and Lehnsherr, Michael Fassbender, at the fore of the story - their friendship, and the fight to try and keep Lehnsherr from becoming the Magneto we know he will be.

We've covered the excellent cast before, the list of mutants, everything about this film, and by now you should know everything there is to know about the film. Basically it's the first time the mutants get together, become organised and reveal themselves to the world.

At the same time it follows the two main mutants, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr who become Professor X and Magneto, through their friendship of creating bringing the mutants together for a better purpose, and Lehnsherr's split from Xavier's goals to his own.

There are some great actors in there and some wonderfully epic storylines created, as well as some great mutants. I think this could end up being the best X-Men film yet, especially with Matthew Vaughn directing, here's hoping anyway.

So on to the new trailer for X-Men: First Class.



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