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X-Men: First Class new trailer online

XMenFirstClass.jpgAt first I thought this new trailer for X-Men: First Class was the same as the foreign one that we saw release a few weeks ago, however it quickly changes and delivers a pretty powerful trailer for the film that should put to the side any doubts you might have had about the new episode in the X-Men franchise.

This trailer looks epic, far more than a beginning tale should deliver, and it's going for broke on the creation of the mutants and the relationship between Erik and Charles. X-Men: First Class looks like it's going to be the best X-Men film so far.

There's plenty of new footage in this trailer as well as some new story, listening to it you'll hear the set-up for a human betrayal of the mutants. It looks as though Erik is working side by side with Charles and intervene in the Cuban Missile crisis to save humanity, however it sounds as though humanity is set to double cross them, or at least leave them as collateral damage. Could this be what sets Erik off on his quest for the dominance over humanity?

You can see for yourself with this new trailer for X-Men: First Class which is the best and the strongest so far.

Now you have to admit that's looking superb. I'm putting my money on this one being the best of the franchise.



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