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Apocalypse Now re-release trailer

ApocalypseNow.jpgYes Apocalypse Now is getting a re-release, and even in the trailer it looks fantastic. It's billed as a stunning new restoration from the director Francis Ford Coppola, and you just need to watch that trailer with the montage of short moments from the film to see that it does look great.

Released into cinemas, this is going to be a film you really should go back and see, especially since Coppola and his studio have spent so much time bringing it back to life.

There's not much to say about this classic film with an absolutely stunning cast, you should really know it all by now and hopefully have seen it a few times, but the chance to see this restored version in the cinema is just too much to pass up.

Here's the trailer for Apocalypse Now, and thankfully I'm not saying "remake" or "3D" in there either.

Looks great doesn't it?



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