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Gibson interviewed for The Beaver

MelGibson.jpgThere's an interview with Mel Gibson from Cannes talking about his new film The Beaver and only The Beaver, and it's rather interesting. You should know that since Filmstalker is all about the films I'm not interested in private life gossip, but at the same time it does affect decisions for roles and films.

It's interesting to watch the interview, Gibson looks a little unhappy and awkward with a few looks to the interviewer when things might get a little too close, but when he talks about the films he starts to light up, and when he's asked about directing again...

I'm really happy he's still talking about directing, and whatever you might think of the man in his own personal, private life, he's a fantastic director, and I'd love to see him behind the camera again.

He won't talk about the projects as he's just working on ideas right now, and there's a feeling that he's pretty distrustful of the press, and why shouldn't he be? Many of them tried to crucify and destroy him publicly.

Anyway, the good news is that in the interview with Variety he's talking about directing again and that he's found his love for acting, if not his love for the press.

He, and the interviewer, also reveal that the audience for Cannes showing of The Beaver enjoyed it and there were plenty of sniffles during the screening. He goes on to say that Jodie Foster accomplished what she wanted with the film.

I'm keen to see The Beaver, I do like Foster in front of and behind the camera, but I'm really excited that Gibson isn't so jaded with it all that he won't be coming back to go behind that camera. I really want to see more of him directing.

Here's the interview with Mel Gibson, short though it is:



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