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Intruders teaser sees Owen in horror

CliveOwen.jpgJuan Carlos Fresnadillo's new film has a teaser trailer. Intruders starring Clive Owen, Daniel Brühl, Carice van Houten and Ella Purnell as the girl at the centre of the film, and there's a surprise casting of British actor Mark Wingett.

The film sees Owen playing a father to Purnell's troubled teenager. She's not just troubled in the usual teenage ways but there seems to be an element of supernatural about the story, whether she or the house is possessed we're not yet entirely sure, but Daniel Brühl will be playing a priest who comes to do the business.

There's not much to the plot or the teaser as yet, but there will be, this is just the beginning. There's not much to this beginning though, not much more than an introduction to Clive Owen's character, his daughter played by Ella Purnell, and a shadowy figure. Cue music and fast montage, and the teaser is over.

Still, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is directing, think 28 Weeks Later and the soon to be started The Crow remake, and Clive Owen, Daniel Brühl and Carice van Houten don't make for a bad cast nor the idea of a bad film.

There's something more interesting that comes from the very short blurb for Intruders on IMDB, it's brief but it provides a little more information on the blurbs that are going around with the trailer:

A horror/thriller centered on the origin of the monsters that are born in childhood and are passed on by the family.

More, yes, but not that much more to give us a real insight into the film, I think we might have to wait for a full trailer for that.

For now, here's the teaser which comes from Empire through Quiet Earth:

Well there is a promise of good things to come, but right now I'm not sold on it.



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