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Mann's Le Mans film

GoLikeHell.jpgI thought the only Le Mans film we'd ever see is the dialogue light Steve McQueen racing film Le Mans, born out of the fact that John Frankenheimer raced ahead with his Grand Prix epic, and while there were court battles and seized footage - please someone find it and restore it - McQueen's team changed tact and made a Le Mans film.

Now it looks like Michael Mann is setting his eyes on the same race, and on a rivalry in the race that goes back to the same era of great racing and sees the challenge that Ford made against the legendary Ferrari from 1966, a challenge that is told in style in the book Go Like Hell by A.J. Baime.

Surprisingly though this isn't the only Le Mans film in development right now, and another film that's in development also focuses on the same story. That script is by Lisa Schrager and is being pushed by Paramount, the version that Michael Mann is looking at with interest is over at 20th Century Fox and Jason Keller has been responsible for the recent draft.

There's no concrete evidence for Michael Mann being on the project other than Deadline telling us that he's been closely connected with Ferrari since the days of Miami Vice (Filmstalker review)

I'm a huge fan of racing and fast cars and there are plenty of stories behind the scenes that can make a great film about racing, Grand Prix is a fantastic example of what can be made with a championship of racing and the rivalry and politics of teams and drivers, and yet so much more could have been made of that story.

Nowadays there's so much more behind the scenes that can be turned into great political and dramatic battles between teams, opposing drivers and even drivers on the same team, and it's not all on the circuit and in the pit lane but through the courts as well.

I'm so surprised that more isn't made of some of the great racing rivalries and stories, and perhaps this Le Mans film might be a way to bring more to the screen, especially when Le Mans is one of the lesser known and followed series.

The story will turn to 1966 when Enzo Ferrari was dominating the racing and Henry Ford II believed he could take a crack at his reign with the ex-racer and now car designer, Carroll Shelby, and they did.

Come on Hollywood, there are so many great racing stories out there to be had, why aren't we seeing them? Le Mans and Grand Prix were so long ago, with TT3D: Closer to the Edge and Senna having just been released, couldn't you start turning to the great drivers and racing rivalries of drivers and teams for films?



Incredibly challenging cheers, I reckon your trusty readers would likely want a lot more articles of this nature continue the great hard work.


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