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New trailer for Last Night

LastNight.jpgThis new trailer for Last Night is extremely similar to the previous, there's just a little more footage to it and some faster cuts and more impactful moments, particularly those with short questions and the silent ones carry some palatable moments. I really like this cut.

Last Night tells the story of a couple who are separated for an evening by business. The husband, Sam Worthington, is away with the new designer in his company, a gorgeous woman played by Eva Mendes, and the wife, Keira Knightley, meets her ex played by Guillaume Canet. Temptation for both, but will they accept and what impact will it have the following day and for the rest of their lives?

It's a great premise and it comes from writer and director Massy Tadjedin and does remind me somewhat of films such as Closer (Filmstalker review), very strong character pieces that demand natural scripts, and equally natural but powerful performances. With the actors on screen for all that time and the film relying on us believing in them completely, they really do have to be at the top of their game.

There's a strong mix of actors here, although I have to say that Sam Worthington doesn't have a strong a background as the others so this can be nothing but good news for his career. It's also great to see Guillaume Canet taking a strong role.

Here's the trailer for Last Night, it's a film to watch out for.



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