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Ridley Scott directs The Reykjavik Summit

Reagan-Gorbachev.jpgIt was January 2008 when we first heard that Ridley Scott might be directing The Reykjavik Summit or simply Reykjavik, the story of the historic meeting of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev that eventually led to the end of the Cold War and the Nuclear Arms Treaty which agreed the reduction and decommissioning in nuclear missiles on both sides.

Now that directorial role has been confirmed for Scott, and while the question of when is interesting, the real question is who, and what.

The what part is about what the story will cover, from what we've heard it will look to the entire meeting to pull its story, and it already has some interesting sources to pull from. When we first heard about the film Ken Adelman was announced as a producer, and he also happens to have been Ronald Reagan's arms control expert. Back then he had this to say about the events:

"...recalls scenes of Reagan and Gorby going mano a mano, negotiating teams pulling all-nighters in the haunted Hofti House (the CIA and KGB sharing basement space), U.S. and Soviet officers clutching their nuclear footballs on the sidelines."

So with Ridley Scott confirmed by ScreenDaily through First Showing to produce and direct and with Kevin Hood writing, I think we could be looking at a strong film.

The question we really want to start asking is who is going to play each of these historic figures? Who can possibly pull off portraying these so well known faces so well? I find the idea of playing Reagan a particularly difficult one to pull off, but just as Michael Sheen played Tony Blair so often and didn't exactly look the part, another actor could play the historically important President.

The other thing is if they did manage to pull it off there's another Reagan film sitting in the wings, a biographical one, and he'd surely be pegged to play that role too. Yet who would it be, and for that matter who would play the equally memorable Mikhail Gorbachev?



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