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The Beaver French trailer

TheBeaver.jpg A new trailer for The Beaver is here, and it's subtitled in French and provides a stronger sense of the overall story and all the facets.

In fact it seems to spell out a map for almost the entire story, but thankfully keeps us from knowing where the film will end up.

It is rather stirring and as usual Jodie Foster is looking very strong as both director and supporting actress. I do wonder how Mel Gibson is going to come across and if the audience will get by the headline grabbing stories that have painted him as such an evil person.

For me, as usual, it's about the film and the performance, and what happens in their private life isn't up there on the screen or in the trailer, although saying that it's not hard to watch this and feel there's a big personal message in this film and perhaps a very personal message from Gibson himself.

The new trailer for The Beaver is right here, and well worth watching, however you feel about Mel Gibson.



I am so looking forward to this!

I hope Mel bounces back and starts making movies again.

I do too, well done for not joining the throng and leaping to the attack against the man, I think we're few and far between.


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