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The Dark Tower rumours abound

TheDarkTower.jpgThere's more news on The Dark Tower, and while official sources are denying there's any problem, the rumour mill and "sources" are painting a darker and darker picture for The Dark Tower films and series.

Although we all really have no idea what's happening on the inside, the rumours are sounding rather plausible, and quite expected, even if I don't want them to be true.

It's worth saying right up front that I want The Dark Tower project to work, I really do, but it has to be done well and it has to be done right, otherwise fans are going to walk away and this is a project that needs the fans invested to help build that hype about the film.

Of course it's started well. This iteration has Ron Howard directing, Akiva Goldsman writing and Javier Bardem starring, and that's just the first film, they'll all move onto the first television series although Mark Verheiden will join as co-writer for the series.

While the previous story was saying that the film was in trouble, Imagine President Michael Rosenberg has said it's not at all, and he should know. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter he said:

"Dark Tower is not in turnaround...there are issues and on-going budget discussions with almost every film in development."

Now that is good news. If he'd just come out and said it's all rubbish then I would have been concerned, but he's been honest, and he's also publicly said something I've been noticing more and more of online, the leaping on stories of productions "in trouble" when they really aren't.

As Rosenberg points out, many big budget films have issues with budgets early in production, and likewise many have rewrites, reshoots, etc. These are all standard fare for productions, and yet you see the stories spreading around online as though productions were doing something terrible by hitting a rewrite or a reshoot. Not so.

I've definitely started pulling away from these type of stories and begun only to write something about them when I feel there's a little more to it than normal or just when I have a personal interest in the story, and with the previous Dark Tower news I definitely have both.

Now the story suggests something a little more than before with "sources" saying that the budget has been scrutinised heavily, which isn't a strange thing since they are committing to a major film and television series that could lead to three, and with some big talents through all of them, but the sources also say that the final portion of the project has been...

...found creatively lacking.

Now that sounds rather harsh to me and I have a feeling that there's more here than saying there's problems with the series. This does sound a little more personal and pointed than something wrong with the project, it doesn't feel like that is just highlighting problems.

Let's also remember that if that comment is directed at the television series, Mark Verheiden only started on the project in April, and Akiva Goldsman is still writing the film, so of course the series would be "creatively lacking", they're probably still concentrating on the first part, the film. Although saying that, IMDB has the television series being released before the film, so far I've heard that the film will be before the first series.

I'm starting to think that the only issue here is budget, and it's only because this is a huge commitment for the companies involved. I'm hoping that is the case, that Rosenberg is right, and that the project does go through. You can be sure Howard and Brian Grazer are pushing as hard as they can.



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