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11-11-11 full trailer arrives

11-11-11.jpgI don't know what to think of the full trailer for the latest Darren Lynn Bousman film 11-11-11. I'm curious why it starts turning into a Grindhouse-esque experience, and not so surprised at the less than subtle appearance of some creatures to add some scares to it, and I'm quite disappointed in the story that's being pushed through it.

The set-up of the whole idea is good in the first half, so he's seeing these numbers in his life, cue the two trees to look like the number eleven, and he makes a leap to a priest to suggest demons are trying to contact him. Then he's in a dark house with demons.

So that's it? I thought the teaser for 11-11-11 was more interesting, here I'm really not sure what the dramatic weight of the story is, what we should be feeling scared and concerned about for the main character, so far he survived a crash, he sees numbers, assumes there are demons and boom, there are demons.

Am I missing something? Oh, and throw in the Grindhouse effect of the trailer and we have something that's altogether rather confusing. Let's look to the blurb that Bloody Disgusting carried with the trailer that came from Darren Lynn Bousman's site and all found through Twitch:

After the tragic death of his wife and child, famed American author Joseph Crone travels from the United States to Barcelona, Spain to reunite with his estranged brother Samuel and dying father, Richard. However, fate has a different plan for Joseph as his life becomes plagued with strange happenings, and the constant sightings of the number 11. Curiosity quickly turns to obsession, and Joseph soon realizes that this number holds a horrific meaning not only to himself but possibly to all of religion. Isolated in a foreign country with only the support of his companion, Sadie, Joseph soon realizes that 11/11/11 is more than just a date, it's a WARNING!

Ah, okay, so that tells us more of the story, but I just don't get that through the trailer.

Watch the trailer for 11-11-11 yourself and see what you think. I'm not convinced after seeing it, maybe you will be.



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