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Apollo 18 trailer follows expected beats

Apollo18.jpgThe trailer for Apollo 18 has been released, and to be honest it could be set anywhere, in a home, in the woods, anywhere we've seen in one of these first person, lost footage types of films to date. It all plays out to the expected beats, even with nigh on similar scenes that we've caught in these other films.

The difference here is that this is in space, on the moon actually, and that could be the hook that sells the film. Let's hope so because judging by what we see in the trailer, or don't see, I'm not utterly convinced I'll be going to see it.

Apollo 17 was the last NASA Apollo mission, but this film's plot sees another secret NASA mission send Apollo 18 to the moon where they find something startling. Not only that someone else other than the Apollo crews have been there, but that there's something else on the surface of the moon, something deadly that threatens each and every one of them.

Here's the trailer for Apollo 18 which you can also see on Yahoo Movies in Quicktime high definition:

It looks okay, but we've seen many of these aspects in other films before, and the paranoid characters who seem intent on doing themselves and others harm have been in so many films that I'm not really sure what we're being shown here is new and exciting enough to tempt me in.

I think we need another trailer.



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