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Burton and Taylor, directed by Scorsese

Taylor-Burton.jpgIt seems a rather strange combination, no not Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, but their story told by Martin Scorsese. However it would seem that a film is on the cards as his production company and Paramount Pictures are in on a deal to buy the film rights to a book about the two stars called Furious Love.

What's more is that they also have cooperation from Burton's widow, Sally Hay Burton, opening up his estate for access for the film. The same request is currently with the estate of Elizabeth Taylor, and should that be successful we could be in for a big film.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor met on the set of Cleopatra and fell in love instantly, what followed could really be described as the first big celebrity romance lived in the public eye. Paparazzi were all over the story and it the relationship was even condemned by the Vatican because they were both married, Taylor for her fourth time at aged just twenty nine.

They divorced their partners and got married themselves, lasting for ten years before divorcing and moving on, although never really moving on. They remarried the following year and divorced just a year after that, and it's said that they never really fell out of love for each other after that.

The book Furious Love contains letters that Taylor wrote Burton over the years, and it has great access to the story already, with the added weight of a film backed by Martin Scorsese and access already granted to Burton's estate, this could be a real insight into the couple.

What's interesting about the report in Deadline is that this isn't going to be a romantic biographical story, in fact it will focus on that relationship and the Hollywood legend behind it. Whether that means it's going to be wholly truthful or not I don't know, but let's hope it is.

I'm a huge Richard Burton fan, and believe it or not I was named after him. While my mother was well pregnant with me she saw him playing Richard III on stage and that coincidence brought about the name.

Like Martin Scorsese I love the old Hollywood and this is a wonderful example of when that world began to join the modern Hollywood and the "reporting" of it changed somewhat, of course it wasn't all rosy then but there was a big shift through this period.

However I do hope the film is going to be about them and a romance that lasted scandal, personal difficulties, outside pressures, and never really faded.



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