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Captain America: The First Avenger new trailer

CaptainAmericaAvenger.jpgA new trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger has arrived online, and while it's actually pretty superb, one of the final taglines just turned me off and left a sour taste in my mouth. "Heroes are made in America".

Are they really? Well the trailer debunks that showing an all too English female taking on some bad guys pretty successfully. Was the tagline tongue in cheek? Regardless the rest of the trailer is excellent and has plenty of new footage.

I'd just seen a trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger before Super 8 when I saw it in Canada, and I'm surprised that there is so much new footage in this new trailer, pleasantly surprised that is because the footage looks really good.

From the effects to the action, there's much more than we've seen before, and there's much more build up of the story itself, including more about that bad guy as well as a new shot of him.

Let me just stop talking and hand over to the new trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger. You can see it over at Yahoo Movies through Deadline in Quicktime high definition, just roll your cursor over the HD button to see the different options pop-up, or there's an embedded version underneath.



Hey Richard, I was starting to wonder if you were on break for the summer or something :P

The trailer is great, its convinced me that it's probably gonna be better than the Green Lantern movie at least.

Hope you liked our country!

I was away for rather a long time, and with no one to fill in I just decided to not do anything film related for the break. Boy did I need it.

It was fab by the way, loved it. Thanks for making us feel so welcome Canada!

Had I the competence and, most importantly, the invitation to do so, I'd gladly fill in for you. ^^

(Though I'd be at a loss for news to post since I come here for my film-related news heheh)

Well Vash I have the places to read, it's just finding something worth writing about rather than recycling the same stories - you see that across the news sites every day, it's finding something you want to write about and can add something in your voice that's the difficult part.

I have a few people now that are interested in helping out, I shall add your name to the list and perhaps next time I'll organise it better beforehand.


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