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Daredevil Born Again on film

Daredevil.jpgDon't blame Ben Affleck for Daredevil, look what he's done since, regardless of who was to blame it was a good attempt at creating the character for film but it fell so far short of the mark it really wasn't any good at all. Since then I've been harping on about Born Again, the comic books from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli which seemed more than perfect for a restart of a franchise, a decent restart, not a Hollywood reboot.

Actually I should credit a friend with putting me onto that Daredevil comic, thanks Nick. Anyway now it has come to pass that they're starting to work on Born Again as a restart for the Daredevil franchise, one that puts to bed the Daredevil of old, addresses the last film to a degree without pretending it never happened, and moves on.

I'm not saying they'll reference the old Daredevil film, but they certainly will close off anything that happened before and do something new. I know that because if you read the story you'll see that the Kingpin gets the better of Daredevil aka Matt Smith, finds his secret and utterly destroys his life piece by piece, and that's where the story really starts going.

Brad Celeb Kane, writer on Fringe, has been hired to take the comic book and turn it into a script, and while I take nothing away from Kane, it's not too far away from it. There are some parts he's really going to have to work hard on certain parts, the climactic sequences in the book are certainly going to turn it into the old Daredevil film and have to be dropped.

However the The Hollywood Reporter story that comes through Latino Review is clear that Kane has been hired because of his passion for the project, something that the studios would be well to listen to.

David Slade is set to direct this new Daredevil, which I think is a strong choice, Hard Candy (Filmstalker review) was great and although 30 Days of Night gets ignored a lot, it was a good film, cleverly made, well shot, and full of tension and excitement.

What Slade threatens to bring is darkness, seriousness, and action galore. I think that's just fine. Chip in the story for Born Again and we have something that could make Daredevil great, a superhero to rival the others, and I really do believe that, more than I ever did for Green Lantern.



Now all they need is a good Daredevil. I really wonder who they will pick, I hope they don't cast him too young.

I saw some people suggesting Michael C. Hall and I do think he could fit the bill if he bulked up a bit and cut his hair shorter but we'll have to see.

Oh I'm not keen for Michael C. Hall, not that he's not a good actor he's just not who I see for Daredevil. That said I have no idea who would be a good choice...Vash any ideas? Anyone?

David Slade is definitely a great choice as a director.

I really don't have a clue... I want to say Jensen Ackles but I'm not so sure he could pull it off... from what's I've seen of Supernatural (which isn't much).

I think Matt Bomer could be the next Daredevil. He's the best candidate for Matt Murdock and Daredevil in my opinion. He's a great actor and he did great job playing a role as Neal Caffrey in White Collar on usanetwork. When he wears sunglassess, I see the aura of Matt Murdock. I'm sure he could play as a blind lawyer and it would be a challenge for him as an actor into the higher level. Go Matt Bomer!!! Be the best!!! :D

I see we have a fan here hahaha

I didn't watch White Collar but I saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Chuck and Flightplan and I must admit he didn't make a lasting impression on me but I must admit, physically speaking, he'd be a good candidate.


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