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Japanese Real Steel trailer

RealSteel.jpgSo the new trailer for Real Steel has Japanese subtitles and voiceover that explain some of the story that those non-Japanese reading and speaking amongst us will lose, but there's a lot of new footage and it suggests that there's something more to the boxing robot than meets the eye.

It's a good trailer and I am hoping we get an English language version of it pretty soon, especially if it's true that there's a little more to this story than Rocky with robots.

When you watch the trailer for Real Steel you'll easily see what I mean, there's a moment with the boy and the robot where he says he sees something special in the robot and the robot seems much more receptive than a simple machine. I wonder if there is a little more, or am I just hoping that there's a bit more depth to a story that really is just a Rocky tale for Transformers?

You can see the new trailer for Real Steel below and decide for yourself, I'm not convinced, but I'm hopeful. What do you think? Well of course it does have Hugh Jackman and that's always a plus point for any film.



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