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Latest Logan's Run attempt changes story?

LogansRun.jpg I like the original Logan's Run, dated though much of the technology seems, it is a really good story that has some good story turns and delivers well. So I've been excited about a remake since I heard it was being looked at, but directors have come and gone and it's never been attempted.

However the latest duo on the project seem to believe they have an edge on everyone else, and that's mainly down to the fact that they are not going to remake the story as is, they're going to change things. The question is, will the change be a good thing?

We heard back in February that Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling were next up to tackle the project where both Bryan Singer or Carl Rinsch had failed, or rather chosen not to continue with.

The original Logan's Run is chock full of ideas and questions about our own society, and there's a lot that is still hugely relevant, and I think will always be relevant for humans to discuss.

The lead character is Logan, a Sandman, a group of people who hunt down runners, people who try to escape the Carousel. Logan is charged with an undercover mission to find where these runners are disappearing to, to discover their mythical Sanctuary and destroy it. His crystal, or Lifeclock, is turned deliberately red, well before his time, and he is told to run.

He does, but doubts enter his mind as soon as his questions about the existence of Sanctuary, the process of Renewal, and if he will get his spent years back go unanswered and his journey to find Sanctuary becomes one that might mean his own survival. Suddenly the rules have changed for the Sandman.

Speaking to the L.A. Times through Collider we hear that Refn and Gosling are set to bring something a little different to their attempt at remaking Logan's Run. The bad news is that they don't really say what the changes are set to be, but while Gosling reveals they have all sorts of people to figure out the look and design of the new world, Refn has something interesting to say about the idea behind the film:

"Logan's Run is dated in the sense that everything came true. They've been trying to make it for years with the notion of just trying to remake the original movie. And it has to be rethought...

...The premise of a society that decides to commit suicide is unique, and I think that's why everyone still thinks it could work..."

Okay, there are two things to question there, the first is has everything that Logan's Run shown come true? Far from it, and anyone who knows what the story is would know that it's hard to see what in the world has come true from the film. If you can then please do tell because I can't see it.

The second part of that comment I've pulled out is the more worrying for it does suggest that he's missing the entire point of the original film. Society doesn't decide to commit suicide, that's not what this is about at all, and I shan't go into what it actually does in the main story for fear of spoiling it for you, but it's safe to say that the society in Logan's Run has not decided to kill itself. Happy to discuss this more in the comments where you should know to expect potential spoilers.

What Refn is saying really does have me worried for the remake because it would seem that the key points of the film have been missed entirely. It could be that I've picked up the original story in totally the wrong way, but I don't believe that's the case.

If you've seen Logan's Run, have a read of what Refn says above and see if you agree that's what the film is about. One good thing though, it doesn't sound as if it'll be a straight remake, it'll be way off the original now.



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