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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol bootlegged French trailer

MI-GhostProtocol.jpgWho would have thought we would have been watching a trailer for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol so soon, and yet we are. It's dogged by overly fast fade in/out moments and perhaps more black screen in between than any one single shot in the trailer seems to last, but there are some great things to it.

Tom Cruise is back, he's looking bad, there are plenty of action sequences and some amazing stunts, the theme tune is there, and Eminem is being used for the soundtrack. Oh, and judging from the trailer there's no lens flare. Mind you, J.J. Abrams was writing along with André Nemec, not directing, you can't write in a lens flare can you?

I do really enjoy the Mission: Impossible series of films and I don't want them to end, that's why I've been concerned about the speculation for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and the fact that there's a new agent in charge being brought in, Jeremy Renner. It did feel like the series was being groomed for a replacement, but looking at this it would seem that Tom Cruise's character is being pulled right back into the action and there may well be room for him after this film.

This appears to be bootlegged, although rather professionally, from a French trailer, so if you can't speak French then chances are you'll catch but a few words. Still the visuals speak for themselves.

Here's the trailer:



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