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Rise of the Planet of the Apes new trailer

RiseoftheApes.jpgThis is a new international trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes which features a lot more CG than we've seen so far and a lot more of the story too, and it's the story that has me wondering if I might have been too dismissive of the film so far.

I've not been keen on the idea of this prequel because it ignores the reasoning behind the original explanation for the shift of power from humans on Earth in the first place and it seemed to take something away from the Apes themselves by saying that we created them instead of simply evolving.

This trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes shows us a lot of the story of Caesar, how he is adopted by a family, how he learns, why he returns to the lab where he came from and is shunned by humans, and ultimately why there is so much hatred in him for the humans who gave him intelligence, love and a sense of what and who he really is.

The surprising thing for me is that the trailer looks so good and it manages to get me to attribute so much to the character of Caesar who is simply a CG representation of an animal. You can start to feel and understand some of the motivation and the betrayal in his story, and there's quite a degree of complexity to it, it isn't a simple case of a genetically engineered creature pulling his fellow animals up through the evolutionary scale.

It also surprises me just how quickly this is all happening in the film, or rather the trailer, and how good the quality of the CG which makes the animals look so real. Add these to the story that we're seeing through the trailer and I have to admit I'm starting to think that this could work.



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