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Toy Story 4?

ToyStory3.jpgTom Hanks was being interviewed for a brief spot on the BBC this morning and he was asked a seemingly rather daft question about Toy Story 4, would there be another one? I say it seems daft because Toy Story 3 (Filmstalker review) finished the trilogy perfectly, so why make another one?

Well this is far from saying it's actually happening, but when one of the leads of the film, and such a well respected and important man in Hollywood, says that the film is happening you have to put some credence with him.

In response to the question:

"Will there be a Toy Story 4...?"

Tom Hanks replied:

"I think there will be, yeah."

The interviewer had a moment where he seemed a little surprised and tried again asking "really?" to which he replied:

"Yeah, yeah, I think they're working on it now."

You can see the video in question over at the BBC, scoot almost to the end of the video to hear it.

This does surprise me, and although the comment sounds off hand, is not from the production and sounds like a fan saying they are sure there will be more, it's Tom Hanks, Woody. Wouldn't he be best placed to take a good guess?

Would you want a Toy Story 4 after the great ending that Toy Story 3 (Filmstalker review) had? Is there really a need for another one?



The worry is that a perfect trilogy becomes a flawed franchise with a 4th film.

Hear hear Steven, it really worries me, that after closing down the third flick so perfectly, that they are now thinking about a 4th.

I mean, where could it possibly go that would maintain the 'perfect trilogy'?

The flip side is, I guess, that if there's one company that could pull it off, it is Pixar.

That is the only flip side I can think of Mark, otherwise I'm really worried they're going to break that wonderful ending.

Now they would be in typical Hollywood territory, restart the story all over again with different characters. Surely there's nothing new for them to do?


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