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War Games (At the End of the Day) trailer

AttheEndoftheDay.jpgNo, it's not about computers, but realistic paintballing that turns into a nightmare when the group come across a hidden camp that they shouldn't have and are hunted and picked off one by one by a group of killers. Yes, we've seen it time and time again and you can follow the plot methodically but this one does look well put together.

The trailer looks rather good, even if we have seen it all before and it tells us some of the characters who look set to bite the bullet, or the landmine, or the axe, or the saw, or...you get the idea.

War Games (At the End of the Day) may not be driving something new to this type of horror film but Cosimo Alemà does look like he's directed it well and there are some strong effects moments with real weight and terror. Perhaps this will be a good one for the horror fans?

Apparently, to add to the mix, this story is inspired by true events that took place in 1988. Is that the usual film tagline or did it really happen? Who knows these days with the "honestly, it really is real" claims of films. Even the true claims are shrouded in cinematic doubt and inspiration.

The plot is simple though, a group go off for paintballing in what looks to be a foreign country, and before you know it they've come across a group of killers deep in the remote jungle. Soon they are being hunted and killed and they'll have to turn into real killers themselves to escape.

You know most of the paintballing places I've been to have been within walking distance of towns and cities, after all everyone wants to get drunk after paintballing don't they?

Here's the trailer for the film:



Hmmm, looks quite good. Seems to have the same kind of feel as the Wrong Turn flicks, which I don't think is any bad thing.

Should be quite a good thriller / horror, one to watch I think!


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