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WarGames reboot gains director

WarGames.jpgIt would seem that the previously talked about reboot of WarGames is still going to happen, and why not? Technology and cyber crime/terrorism has come quite a way since the days of acoustic couplers and wireframe graphics so there's a lot to update, but the director they've chosen for the project is a little bit of a surprise.

Seth Gordon, the director of The King of Kong (Filmstalker review), is the man who is set to direct the film according to early reports. If he does his career to date doesn't really suggest a thriller with this kind of dynamic.

Saying that though, Seth Gordon did an excellent job to build a thriller and create the combative relationship in his documentary about two men playing to obtain the high score on a videogame Donkey Kong, and I'm guessing from there you're already seeing similarities that a studio executive could base their decision to assign him the job. Old school videogaming, that's what ties both together.

However is that what we need from a modern WarGames? Far from it. There have been huge advancements in videogaming and cyber warfare. Not only are we seeing a massive increase in the amount of high profile hacking cases, but there are aspects such as the US Army creating a videogame designed to take people through training and warfare operations and help identify potential candidates, or the increased use of technology in the battlefield. These could all influence a new WarGames.

So is Seth Gordon the man to create the film? Well obviously his pitch is being listened to, and according to Deadline through The Playlist he's been asked to direct the film. He hasn't done much of note since the excellent King of Kong, there's Four Christmases and Horrible Bosses, other than that there have been episodes of television comedies but not much more.

Let's not write him off before he's had the chance, after all why shouldn't he have the chance? Perhaps he's been pigeon holed to date and he does have the desire and ability for a new WarGames.

Of course the other option is that they are making the new WarGames a comedy and Seth Gordon is the man for the job, and that option doesn't bear thinking about.



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