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Another Warrior trailer appears

Warrior.jpgI've talked about Warrior before and posted a couple of trailers, all of which are similar in tone and content, and this new one isn't that different but it has a more emotional and rousing core to it, building the sides for the fight to the final punch crescendo. I think it works much better than the trailers we've seen to date.

Warrior is an ultimate fighting competition where feuding brothers compete for the big prize, one a returning war hero and the other just a teacher and family man struggling to get somewhere with his life. Their father was good at one thing, training them, and he takes the side of one of the brothers in the battle for the trophy.

It's not going to be all fighting though, even if both Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy, who play the brothers, are beefed up to the nines, there's a strong emotional core to the story as they are brothers, the father played by Nick Nolte is an alcoholic ex-boxer, and Jennifer Morrison plays the wife of Edgerton's character. So plenty of emotional pulls in different directions, not to mention the brothers themselves facing off against each other.

Here's the new trailer for Warrior which really plays on these emotional threads to the story, and much less the fighting.

Gavin O'Connor co-wrote and directed the film, you might remember him doing the same with Pride and Glory, another film that was tough and focused on emotionally torn families in some very difficult circumstances.



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