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Are we being toyed with over Prometheus?

Alien-Head.jpgThere's been a lot of information and disinformation about Prometheus, mainly around the direction of the plot. An Alien prequel, and then not an Alien prequel, no Aliens at all actually, and then an idea derived from the Alien universe, and now...well I'm really not sure what direction it's taking.

Lately we read the official plot released and it mentioned nothing at all about Aliens. So what are we looking at? Well some set shots which are apparently from the production reveal something that should put Alien fans a little at ease, sets with the initials HRG stamped all over them.

Fans will know what I'm talking about, H.R. Giger. It's not full on Alien hive territory, but the architecture in the sets for Prometheus do have the feel of Alien, this could well be a good hint that we aren't seeing the Aliens being pushed to the back of a very big universe.

Despite the recent Prometheus plot saying nothing about Aliens or having any real connection, these set photos suggest something different. Ever since the prequel news arrived and the conversation started online the marketing seems to have been moving away from the idea of a film in the Alien franchise, perhaps because there were a lot of negative comments about the idea, or perhaps that it really was moving away from the Alien prequel idea, we may never know.

However the appearance of the set photos for Prometheus through Alien Prequel News and Bloody Disgusting suggest that there is a definite Alien feel and a presence in the film, perhaps even a strong one.



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