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Bourne Legacy connects to Bourne series

TheBourneLegacy.jpgWhen I first heard that the new Bourne Legacy series was going to feature a new agency creating new Bourne-type assassins I thought that this was a cheap reboot/remake/re-invention/re-imagination ploy to restart a series without the original stars. However with the news coming of some of the co-stars I wonder if that really is the case.

It's certainly plausible that a new group could be created, after all we are flawed enough to believe we could correct the mistakes of others no matter what, and perhaps there's someone that comes along that believes they can correct the mistakes made on the Treadstone project.

After all Bourne thinks he's done with and Treadstone have definitely been closed up, so a new team could come along and try it again. Just think of how many assassins in that project that actually worked, they sent some of them after Bourne himself.

Mind you it could also be that there was a sister team running the same project at the same time, who knows how they're going to work the story, preferably it's the former as I would suspect Bourne would come after them if he knew they were running another project.

Anyway, the new film stars a new Bourne in the form of Jeremy Renner, but it is going to have some friendly faces according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Joan Allen and Albert Finney will return for The Bourne Legacy, well they're in negotiations right now at least, that means there's going to be some heavy connections with the previous films. They'll play the roles they played in the previous films and Tony Gilroy will write and direct this episode.

Allen played a CIA operative who, in the end, did help Bourne uncover those behind the cover up even though she was tracking him down with them. Finney returns to play his role as the head of the programme that saw Treadstone create these behaviour modified assassins.

That's definitely got a lot to connect with the previous, not just the writer but characters as well which means very close ties with the previous Bourne stories, even though Bourne himself won't be there.

Rachel Weisz, Oscar Isaac and Edward Norton are also set to star, but still no word of the actual plot.



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