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Conan the Barbarian trailer

ConantheBarbarian.jpgThere's another new Conan the Barbarian trailer online, this one is much tamer though and doesn't go for the gore factor so much, but it still looks as strong as you would expect from a Conan film.

Do I really need to go through the plot? Surely not. Kid sees entire village and family slaughtered and makes it a lifelong quest to train himself to be the best warrior possible and go after the man responsible for killing them all.

That's your lot. A revenge story with swords galore, and yet there looks like there's going to be a lot more and it looks like it could be a lot of fun too. There's not just big sword fighting scenes to come from the film, although let's face facts that's what the majority will be and that's what we're looking for from a Conan film, isn't it?

Here's the new trailer for Conan the Barbarian.



Well, like previous trailers, I think this looks good but only compared to previous Conan movies.

I think it could be an entertaining little action movie but I still find it somewhat reeks of B-Movie quality. Is it just me? I mean the overall picture, special effects/make-up seems kind of sub-par to me.

Still, I realize this was not granted a Lord of the Rings budget but I can't help but be bothered. Maybe I'm being too harsh...

I agree with Vash the Otaku, but I can't help but be distracted by how unfitting Jason Momoa looks. I may check this out though. I'm certainly interested.

I heard he's physically closer to the original novel versions of Conan than Arnold was but that might be bogus, I heard it from a friend.

I heard that too Vash, but I can't be sure as I haven't read the books and it's always in the mind of the reader.

Yeah, it isn't Lord of the Rings, you have to remember where it's pitching itself, and where it is it doesn't look too bad.


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