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Higher Ground trailer sees Farmiga direct

VeraFarmiga.jpgI really like Vera Farmiga in front of the camera and she's not given enough credit or enough high profile, meaty roles to really show what she's capable of, but now she's started directing it looks like she's certainly getting plenty of notice from the critics, and it's all good praise.

Watching the trailer for her first film as director and lead actress, Higher Ground, you are distracted by the number of great quotes appearing throughout, some really high praise comments. She might just be about to show that she has as much talent as a director as she does as an actress.

Vera Farmiga has directed and starred in the film Higher Ground standing alongside a strong cast of Donna Murphy, John Hawkes, Bill Irwin, Joshua Leonard, and other names you'll recognise as the trailer rolls on. The film is inspired by the memoirs of Carolyn S. Briggs, who also co-wrote the screenplay, and tells of her struggles with the relationships in her life from her family and friends to her faith.

Here's the blurb for the film:

Vera Farmiga's directorial debut, Higher Ground, is a coming-of-age drama in which Farmiga delivers a subtle, nuanced performance completely from the gut, with equally strong and compelling supporting characters. Set against the backdrop of the Sixties, when feminism reached its zenith, the film expertly depicts the landscape of a tight-knit spiritual community. Inspired by the resonant memoir from Carolyn Briggs (who also wrote the screenplay) the film is an exquisite study of one woman's internal struggle with the primary love relationships in her life. John Hawkes, Donna Murphy, Bill Irwin, Dagmara Dominczyk, and Joshua Leonard round out the cast, along with Farmiga's younger sister Taissa, who proves herself to be an extraordinary new talent as Young Corinne.

You can see the trailer for Higher Ground over at Apple Trailers in Quicktime high definition, and while I'm not sold on it as it does seem rather haphazard in a few moments, it does act as a showcase for Farmiga on screen and of the praise the film has received.



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