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Intruders trailer in English

CliveOwen.jpgYesterday I wrote about the first trailer for the Juan Carlos Fresnadillo film called Intruders. It was in Spanish and rather hard to gain an understanding of the plot. Now this English language version is much clearer and contains some key titles to help you on the way, and it looks good.

I'm already intrigued about what this intruder, or these intruders, could be and what will out in the final scenes of the film, for it is setting this up to be a little bit of a mystery.

The new blurb that comes with the trailer tells us that the film will follow two families, one in Spain and one in England. In Spain a mother is trying to protect her son from a faceless stranger while in England a father is realising that the terrifying dreams of his daughter are in fact something much more real, and it's something that threatens their entire family. Are the two incidents connected? Well of course they are, but how?

The Intruders trailer comes from Yahoo Movies where you can see it in Quicktime high definition through Latino Review, and you can also see it right here.

Well that was a lot better to get a hold of the story than the Spanish one was, and it offers a little more in the connection of the two families. It does look like a strong thriller with plenty of mystery, and the fact that the blame begins to turn on the father looks like a strong added twist.



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