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Is The Evil Dead remake happening?

TheEvilDead.jpgWell once again Bruce Campbell has stepped up and said it, but this time there's a little more to the story and it could well be that The Evil Dead is indeed going to see another remake, since you could well say that Sam Raimi already remade it.

So what's new about this comment from Campbell? Well there's some rumour to back it up about a director who has been chosen for the remake and that they are already casting.

Speaking on his Twitter account through Latino Review Bruce Campbell said:

"Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell."

He was being asked about it by a fan, but his response isn't anything new, he's been saying this for some time, and that's where the story from Bloody Disgusting comes in.

They heard who is set to direct the film and that the production is indeed going forward. Now there's nothing concrete here as yet and the comments are all from those "sources" people, but it does sound an interesting choice of director.

Apparently casting is already taking place and a low budget shoot is planned to go ahead rather quickly, and the man behind the camera is not going to be Sam Raimi but Federico Alvarez who directed the short film Ataque de pánico! which you can see below.

Now that short raised a lot of interest when it was first seen, the effects and the style caught everyone's eye, and while the effects don't appear top notch to begin with he did a lot to cover them and blend them in with the reality around us, and it's when the destruction really kicks off that we see some rather special moments particularly in the scenes of destruction.

For me though it's the ending that brings something different and rather surprising to the mix.

So if the sources are right he's the man to direct the remake of The Evil Dead, and the word is that it's going to be a "quasi-remake" of the original, which will mean a new interpretation, which is fair because I don't know if fans would accept someone new trying to step right into Ash's shoes.



I think it would be great for a new director to get his chance with this movie, just like Raimi back then kind of raised himself from anonymity and really made a classic with a quasi-nonexistent budget.

Love the short.

The short is great, but what do you want to see? Do you want to see something totally different from the previous films? A new Ash or an entirely new set of characters?


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