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King's The Stand to get trilogy from Potter director?

TheStand.jpg While news broke that Stephen King's The Dark Tower series was going to get a ground breaking adaptation, we started hearing that there was a resurgence of film interest in his work and that other studios were keen to cash in on what might follow.

One of those stories was a possible film version of The Stand, and the story we heard was that the people behind the production hadn't yet decided if they were looking at another mini-series, a single condensed film, or a series of films. Well with word of an potential director comes the news of what it might entail.

The Stand (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is the story of the end of the world and about groups of survivors from an apocalypse brought about by a virus that has escaped from a government facility, a virus that wipes out nearly everything on the planet. The survivors are rounded up by two very different forces and brought together for one big, final battle and it features that favourite villain, Randall Flagg. It's a great book from King and brings together a lot of his themes and styles into one epic book.

The problem is that it is just too much for one film, that's why we previously saw it turn into a mini-series and it worked rather well. However it still craves for a better adaptation and that might just have arrived.

If the article from N.Y. Magazine through Bloody Disgusting carries the facts correctly then we are looking at a "multi-picture adaptation" which I would think perhaps means a trilogy.

That would be good enough news, for condensing it into a single film would be a disaster for the story, but the news gets better in the choice of director. Although he hasn't been chosen yet, the dreaded "sources" say that he's a strong choice, and that choice could well be sitting with him.

Here's what they say:

David Yates, who directed the last four Harry Potter films, has the pick of the litter - or should we say, pick of the literature? - at the studio. The studio's top priority is a multi-picture adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand.

Our spies tell us that Yates is flying into town tomorrow, and has been rereading King's epic-length supernatural classic. We're told Yates will decide if he wants to do the film sometime in the next two weeks.

It is a big commitment, as the studio wants to split the giant book into three parts. (Though one could imagine the studio backing away from that aspiration, just as we heard that Universal was getting nervous about its plan to turn King's Dark Tower series into three movies and a two-season TV series.)

I sometimes despair at why studios are so scared to commit to something more than one film, and if one film does badly they don't just turn things around for the next one. After all they'll do it with series like Harry Potter or Bond, but not with something new.

However it's not so new is it, and it's not that it doesn't have a strong following already, this is Stephen King we're talking about and The Stand mini-series did pretty well after all, especially lined up against other adaptations of King's works and especially mini-series. Why wouldn't a trilogy of films about The Stand work?

It certainly could be off to a great start if a director like David Yates was to step on board, his recent Harry Potter work would put the studio in a very happy place and really raise the level of the trilogy.

Of course he has yet to decide, but what a good choice to start it off. They could swap the director for each of the films, or stick with Yates for the duration, either way it would show the audience the commitment to the story and that in itself would draw audiences in.



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