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Main Street trailer starring Colin Firth

MainStreet.jpgMain Street had never popped its head up for me, even with the actors involved - Colin Firth, Ellen Burstyn, Patricia Clarkson, Amber Tamblyn, Orlando Bloom - and that's quite a list.

Filmed only last year it went to the Austin Film Festival, DVD in Sweden and Brazil, and is finally going to a release in America in September, however you're going to be able to see it online on iTunes from the 5th of August.

It features Colin Firth with an American accent that I'm not sure if he'll really manage to pull off, not from the trailer anyway it is a little hit and miss.

Here's the blurb for Main Street that even features Andrew McCarthy.

From Horton Foote, Oscar winning screenwriter of To Kill a Mockingbird and Tender Mercies, comes MAIN STREET, a moving ensemble drama starring Oscar winner Colin Firth, Orlando Bloom, Oscar nominee Patricia Clarkson, Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn, and Andrew McCarthy. The lives of the residents of a small Southern city are changed forever by the arrival of a stranger with a controversial plan to save their decaying hometown.

The trailer is over at Apple Trailers and while it doesn't reveal too much about the story it does look like it's going to be an interesting story that could end up being quite dramatic. Why is it struggling for releases though, and will the American release be a decent one and lead to more?

Here's a version for you to watch right here:



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